Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Optimize your Pinterest Profile

  • 2

    How to create Awesome pins

    • How to create Awesome pins that go Viral

    • Tasks for today & Resources

  • 3

    How to add pins to Pinterest strategically

    • How to add pins correctly

    • Tasks for you and Resources

  • 4

    How to add pin images on my blog correctly

    • Things to keep in mind when we are adding images to our blog

    • Tasks for you and resources

  • 5

    How to increase reach of your pins

    • A free way of increasing reach of our pins

    • Tasks for today and Resources

  • 6

    What is working for you and what is not working ?

    • How to check - what is working

    • Tasks for you and Resources

    • How to add pin it button to your blog/website

    • How to check your best performing pins ?

  • 7

    More Resources and Tips for you

    • More Pinterest and Blogging Resources for you

    • Important tips for your Pinterest Strategy

Stop wondering

How to use PINTEREST to get traffic to your blog


  • FREE spreadsheet tracker to Track your keywords

    Use Keywords Spreadsheet tracking system to track your keywords and pin performance so that you can see what to do next

  • FREE checklist to optimise Pinterest images

    Includes a downloadable checklist that you can use when designing PIN images to ensure that nothing is missed

  • Find out from where you can get premium stock images for FREE + $15 credit on our favourite scheduler