Course curriculum

  • 2

    What to do before starting a Blog

    • Wish someone had told me this before

    • How to decide What to write

    • What is niche and Why do I need to worry about it?

    • How to decide on a profitable niche - SECRET formula and FREE workbook

    • How to Decide on a Blog name

  • 3

    How to create a brand for your blog - Basics

    • Creating a brand before you start a blog

    • How to create a Logo for FREE

  • 4

    Chapter #1 - Getting started with

    • How to Sign up on - Getting started

  • 5

    Chapter #2 - Setting up my new WordPress site

    • Confirm you email address (First things first)

    • How to change our site name

    • How to set up Site Title, Tag line and site icon

    • How to create Categories

    • How to set up comments/Discussions

  • 6

    Chapter #3 - How to add content to your website

    • What are pages and posts in WordPress

    • How to add pages or create pages on your site

    • How to edit your Contact page

    • How to create posts

    • How to add media

  • 7

    Chapter #4 - What is WordPress theme and some more basics

    • What is a WordPress Theme

    • How to Choose a WordPress Theme

    • How to choose a WordPress theme using your dashboard

    • How to change a WordPress theme

  • 8

    Chapter #5 - How to set up WordPress theme

    • How to Customize a WordPress theme

    • How to set up Menu

    • How to set up widgets

  • 9

    Next steps

    • Congratulations :-)

    • More resources for you


Save your time and Focus on what you need to know before starting a blog and follow step by step action plan on how to start a Free blog